READ ALL THAT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE YOU DISRESPECT MY PRICE.ALL OF THE WORK IS LESS THAN A YEAR OLDPurchased February 2017. Went into shop to be restored April 2017 all work performed by the East Coast GMC Motorhome specialist Barry Owen in Lexington NC. Its a 78 Revcon Camelot, has a 403 gas engine, is 31.5 foot long, and was almost twice the price of the GMC motorhomes at time of new sale in 7...
I bought 3 sheets of this for a project, but decided it just isnt going to work. Were restoring a vintage motorhome, and were planning to use this for interior walls, but when we examined it all, we decided to just go with our original idea of plastic stone because its easy to cut to curves, and our vintage GMC has plenty of curves. Its for sale as well search Craigslist motorhomes for the word...
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